Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Regularly checking and replacing your smoke detectors' batteries will make sure they are working in an emergency.

Tools needed:

+ 9-volt batteries

Optional tools:

+ Step Ladder

Task Details

Est time: less than 30 min

Cost: $1 - 2 per battery

People needed: 1

Step 1

Identify the location of all the smoke detectors in your house and make a plan for the order in which we'll check their batteries. We want to make sure we don't accidentally forget to check one.

Step 2

Remove old batteries from the smoke detector and insert new ones.

Step 3

Test to see that the smoke detector is working properly. To do so, stand up to four feet away from the smoke detector and spray it for 3 seconds. If the smoke detector alarm sounds your smoke detector is working properly. If your smoke detector has a test feature, use that to check if it is working properly!

Step 4

Change batteries again after 6 months or if smoke detector starts to beep or chirp.